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How to convert and digitize Blu-ray to Mac hard drive?

play Blu-ray disc on Mac

Blu-ray disc offers high-definition content for users. But Blu-ray also has more copy protection than any other format around, and playing Blu-ray movie on your Mac or Apple TV can be difficult. If you’ve already invested in lots of Blu-ray films and TV shows, and confused about watching them on your iOS devices, Mac computer, and Apple TV, maybe you should consider ripping your Blu-ray content. It’s not that hard to do actually, and I’m going to give you a full walk-through for getting all high-definition content on your Mac.

Purchasing an External Blu-Ray Drive

The first thing you’re going to need for ripping a Blu-Ray is obviously a drive to read the disc. Since Macs still don’t sport Blu-ray drives and probably never will, you can still get an external Blu-ray drive to read the disc. There are many external options out there that range in price from $60 to over $300.

SB External Blu-Ray Driver Player

If you need to read Blu-ray media, get all your HD content on your Mac, this is a cheap, workable solution. It works well with Windows, Mac and Linux with appropriate software. It does require two USB ports in order to provide power, unless you purchase a separate power adapter. This is common for external optical media drives. And this has been proved to be an excellent solution for backing up Blu-ray discs to Mac by customers of Amazon. Highly recommended.

external BD player/burner

This is another inexpensive third Blu-ray drive burner and player that works well to read Blu-ray and 3D DVD’s, very easy to operate. It has been recommended by many customers of Amazon like. Then your Blu-ray and DVD collection can be used by a MacBook Pro without dongles and other adapters from PC makers.

Download a Software – Blu-ray Ripper for Mac

Blu-ray Ripper for Mac

We need to get a third-party software, here I recommend you a Blu-ray Ripper for Mac. It was specially designed for Mac users to rip, convert, backup and edit both Blu-ray and DVD movies.

  • Convert Blu-ray to video on Mac.
  • Set subtitles and audio tracks.
  • Convert 2D Blu-ray to 3D videos.
  • Set output file parameters.
  • Multi-language support like English, French, German etc.

Full guide to convert and rip Blu-ray disc on Mac OS X for enjoying:

Step 1. Load Blu-ray source disc or folder

Once you have this Mac Blu-ray ripper launched on your Mac, click "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button, or directly drag and drop to load source Blu-ray/DVD disc or folder. You can also click the inverted arrow icon next to the Add Blu-ray/DVD button to directly import Blu-ray disc from disc drive.

load Blu-ray disc

Tips: You can select Subtitles and Audio tracks for each title, preview the source files by clicking the play button on the thumbnail, snap screenshots on the right built-in preview player, merge/separate all files, etc.

Step 2. Choose and set output profile

Click the drop-down box (showed as MP4 Video in Step 1) and select Change option to enter Profile Setting Panel, where you can choose your target output profile. If you want to convert several files to the same format, just apply it to all by checking Apply to all button on the drop-down box.

choose output format

Blu-ray Ripper for Mac allows you to adjust the video and audio parameters of output profile, including: video codec, resolution, bit rate, aspect ratio, frame rate, audio codec, sample rate, channel, etc. Just select Edit option on the drop-down box after you’ve set output profile.

output profile settings

Step 3. Customize Blu-ray/DVD content

You can edit Blu-ray video with the built-in video editor. Click the Edit button in selected title, you can trim video length, crop video size, adjust video effect, rotate video for a special angle and add image or text watermark to the source files.

output profile settings

Step 4. Convert Blu-ray/DVD to video on Mac

After setting output profile, return to the main interface and click the big green Convert button, where you can set output folder for saving the final converted video in Save to box.

At last, click the Convert icon on the popup sidebar to start ripping Blu-ray disc to video on your Mac OS computer.

rip Blu-ray on Mac OS

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